Birthday aftermath and I betcha weren't expecting that!

Thursday, 4 October 2012

It's officially the end of my birthday, and now today is someone elses birthday- maybe yours? I always find letting go of birthdays hard, I don't like retraining myself to say that I am another year older because the age I have just been is always in my mind 'the best age' until the following year, and then that age becomes the new 'best age'. Maybe I get sad when my birthday is over because I have doubt that my next year can be even better than the past, although it has been so far!

So here's my little birthday wrap up, aside all the commotion- because people always ask me 'what did you get for your brithday' and I can never remember! So here is a little peep into some of the most unexpected presents that I bet you never thought I'd get!

An electric toothbrush, since leaving my old one at home I've really not enjoyed using a manual- it just doesn't give the same 'zing' feeling of clean

A Bobble water bottle- it has an in built filter that filters as you drink, you just replace the filter every couple of months hooray! I really don't like the taste of most tap waters but paying for bottles of water is such a drag

A new hairdryer- nothing super fancy, just mine was a million years old and I was a little worried it might just blow up on me!

Some multivitamins- They are mother approved

A box of Peppermint tea- My favourite!

A new jar of Burts Bees banana hand cream, if you know me, you know I actually go weak at the knees at the smell of this stuff and I was in need of a new jar...
Yip-a-dee-doo for weird and wonderful presents!


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