Japanese Exchange

Tuesday, 30 October 2012

In the spirit of learning new languages, I've volunteered to take part in a japanese exchange- so even though my japanese language knowledge is limited solely to 'Konichiwa' - I hope that's spelt right haha!
So bascially I've been put in touch with two japanese students who are here until christmas. It's all about helping them to practice their conversational english so perhaps it's better that I can't speak japanese as it would be easier to resort back to that when they don't understand words.

I took the japanese students back to my university room as they were curious to see what the student rooms look like, the first words when they walked into my room were 'whoah so much hello kitty'

I did laugh, but they told me it's for smaller girls normally, not adults!

Ah well

This is the outfit I put together for the meeting, I wanted to look friendly!
From the bottom up:

Black ankle boots from New Look

Faded jeans from Joe Browns

Plaid shirt from Forever 21

Black top underneth from Primark

Leather studded Jacket from Internationale

Feather earring from Etsy

Makeup combination frmo Naked Palette- Urban Decay


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