Your skin loves vodka

Friday, 12 October 2012

This is my tip top cleansing trick that uses vodka

Important notes:

This is obviously only appropriate for those who are the age of or above the legal drinking age in their country otherwise purchasing alcohol is illegal
This is not an oppertunity to raid your parents drink cabinet and claim that it's for the benefit of good health
I am recommeding vodka as a skin cleanser only, never ever as a drink

Step 1:
Wash your face as normal with a regular face wash (now is a good time to exfoliate too to really get into those pores

Step 2:
Drench a flannel in hot water (not so hot that it will burn you) then place it flat on your face so that the heat can open your pores up for 30 seconds-1 minute

-Now is a good time to have a go at those pesky blocked pores on your nose

Step 3:
Take a cotton pad and dampen it with vodka (about as much as you would use when coating a cotton pad in nail polish remover)

Step 4:
Wipe away the remaining grub that you thought wasn't even there! And admire the grime that would have been sitting on your skin as you slept

The vodka works just like any astringent, it even has the smell of one! Aswell as getting rid of the last traces of muck, it closes up the pores again to stop them being wide open and filled up with more gunk

Step 5:
Moisturise as normal, happy days! Happy skin!

Top tip: If you like this trick, but don't like the look of an ugly vodka bottle in your bathroom cabinet, pour it into an empty astringent bottle if possible, or one of those empty travel cosmetic containers for when you only want to take some of your product on holiday


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