How I drink much more water

Wednesday, 17 October 2012

I have always been a water drinker, I remember when I was around eight years old my mum just stopped buying juice, the kind that you dilute with water, I was so confused, I always drank orange flvoured water and only drank plain old water when I completely had to and was really really thirsty and that's all there was to offer.

I remember drinking glasses of water feeling very sombre that my beloved juice that was leave my tongue bursting with citrusy tastes had been replaced with dull-old water that tasted of nothing and didn't make me want to drink more and more of it, then somewhere between finding water the dullest thing ever and being thirsty enough to have no choice it is a full on habit to drink water and now I drink nothing else. I've tried to drink glasses of juice again but I find them so sweet that my tongue stings!

Since all I drink is water I like to think I've become quite the water conisseur (haha) and I really CAN tell the difference in tastes between bottled and tap water (my friend did a blind water tasting expierment on me when I was aroudn 12 years old because she didn't believe me) I also CAN tell the difference between brands of bottled water and in my personal opinion mineral water is a little icky.. spring water is where it is at. My favourite is Evian (Incase you were wondering) Anywho, I've got a little side tracked...

Sine I moved out from home buying my own bottled water was becoming a bit of an expense that seems kind of silly when water comes from the tap (I just don't like the taste of most tap waters) After a little research, Amazon presented me with the Bobble water bottle. You unscrew the top, fill it up with water straight from the tap, screw on the top with the inbuilt filter and then the bottle filters as you drink.

I love this! The water tastes fresh, all the time and every time. The filter lasts you for about 2 months (or until it doesn't taste crisp and fresh anymore I guess) and I fill mine up at least 4 times a day, I take it to the gym, lessons, to my bed it's so practical. The only thing you have the change is the filter, the bottle stays with you for the long haul

I have the 500ml size, they do a litre size too but I think 500ml is more practical for carrying it around in bags.

Top tips:
-Don't squeeze the bottle too hard or you can damage it permanently

-Don't freak out about the black particles that may be floating in the water, they are compeltely harmless carbon particles that the filter filters out anyway

-The filters come in different colours if pink isn't your thing!


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