Vampy Vogue

Sunday, 21 October 2012

For my birthday I was given this months issue of Vogue which is totally fun and a complete luxury, I have stacks of Vogues back in my bedroom at home from years ago, I was always so tempted to cut them up and put them into scrapbooks and such but always resisted because I wanted them to be as pristine as possible while still being able to actually read them.

This is the first issue I'd had to call my own in a long while and I was struck by the cover, while Vogue is primarily all about the clothes, the makeup on Kristen Stewart (Who to me will always be Bella Swan regardless of any other role she may play in any other film) was what caught my attention.

Striking is one word for it, tired would be another.

I just don't see why she seems to get a kick out of looking tired.

I loev copper looks as much as anyone, hell I've got several pallettes full of bronzes and copper eyeshadows and I'm not criticising the artistry, it's just all very vampy, even the high dracula collar on her dress and the blood stained lips.

I don't know, I find it all very irritating...

I don't want to make this some long and negative blog post because I raelly do like the vampy look, maybe not every single day, but blood red lips and copper tone eyes are one sure way to up the seriousness on your look, remember when using bright red lipstick to line the lips first to keep it looking crisp and neat.


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