Wednesday, 24 October 2012

It is my favourite type of party when the party calls for a costume, it's so much more fun than wearing regular clothes!
I know I've done a few blog posts before on costumes but new and more amazing ones seem to emerge before I get a chance to blog about them!

This year I am leaning towards going as a pumpkin for the halloween parties, I think that would be really fun! Not a too scary pumpkin though.. I don't want to get nightmares!

Heres the little mini collection of costumes from last year, this is my kind of 'novelty' section of my wardrobe, you can see a little peek of Spongebob, a sailor and Alice in Wonderland...

Here are the ones that I'm drooling over this year, why do all the best ones come from American websites?!

Care Bear cheer bear! All dressed in candyfloss pink deliciousness! It's so pretty and cute, not scary at all.. I'm not a fan of scary costumes and gross masks

Look at this cute Mad Hatter one, it's nicer than the other ones that I've seen because it is so much brighter! The tea cup detailing on the neckerchief and cutie bootie covers are something that I would just wear out on any normal day

It's pocohontas! I love all the fringing and I can imagine the suede-touch feeling of the dress, I love wearing feathrs and beads and shoes with fringing, although this pocohontas has gone for more of an Ugg-type ensemble, but I think i'm a little too pale to look like an exotic poconhatas -sigh-

The Bubblegum Princess costume has a special place in my heart because who doesn't want bubblegum pink hair? And it's from the cartoon Adventure time which I watched my very first epsiode of this week. It's a show for kids but it has the same kind of appeal as Spongebob Squarepants where it can hold an audience of (child like) adults with it's randomness and brightness and the fact that nothing in it seems to make much sense at all. It's shown on Cartoon Network!


So there you have it, my costume round up for this Halloween season, I will of course update with my personal costume round up when I've decided!


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