Fancy Night!

Monday, 8 October 2012

Last night I went out on a 'fancy night' where there was a strict dress code, I was really exicted because everything had to be a little bit classy, that meant no denim knickers...I mean shorts, no slouchy slouch and everything nice and dressy dress! Men have to wear collars, nice trousers and smart shoes too and if you don't comply you say bye-bye! Also, you have to buy tickets beforehand- you can't just show up and go on in! This is what I settled on wearing:

My dress is from Forever21 and I bought it in the January sale, I got it even cheaper because it had a hole by the zip, but i wore a black skirt underneth and pulled it up to where the hole is so you couldn't even see it. One of these days I'll sew it up.

I opted for black ribbed tights that are kind of opaque to keep it classy!

My shoes are a fabric pair of plain black heels new from ebay, and my jacket that I wore is my trusty H and M (but actually from a charity shop) black jacket that I always wear on nights out!

Hooray for fancy pants!


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