It's my birthdaaaaaay!

Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Another sweet birthday has passed on by and now I can't believe it's all over

It's been filled with delightfully pink candyfloss clouds of love and happiness so I simply cannot complain.

I love birthday gestures that indicate that people just 'know' you, like how my friends made me Barbie cupcakes using one of those kiddy mixes, because they know I think Barbie is the queen of sass and style!

And how my roomate knows that I get excited over recieving mail, so she put my birthday card in the post box rather than just handing it to me over breakfast!

And how my mum travelled hours just to see me on my birthday and shower me in lots of love! And lots of brithday cake... this was my cake, a hot pink pig!

It tasted so amazing, after those Percy Pig sweets they sell in Marks and Spencers, so the icing was a delicious strawberry scented goodness, I love birthday cake so much that I think all birthday cakes should be sponge cakes, chocolate to me seems more like an 'all year round' cake

To top it all off, we ate in Wagamama's and I had the Cha han of course (no prawns, extra chicken) and it was yum-a-dee-doo

P.S If you were wondering about presents, I'm kind of weird with them, I like to keep them all together in a pile in the corner of my room and not put them away for about a week so that I can just absorb them in and look at them all together in one go, even if I use something that I got for my birthday I will put it back in the 'birthday pile' for example, a bottle of perfume- I would use some of it then place it in its original packaging back in the pile- I don't know why I do this, I have done it since I can remember! I do it at Christmas too- I just have a hard time putting presents away!


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