Playing monopoly til' my eyeballs drop out

Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Monopoly is one of those games that always seems like a great idea, then the sheer length of the game dawns on you and it's not such a good idea anymore... especially when there's eight of you playing!

You can make a whole hot chocolate between go's

I was not doing so well, I only managed to get one pink property, one orange and the waterworks. What I really wanted was the greens or blues, those are where the big bucks are!!!

When you have that many players you realise how few properties the board actually has to offer and not one of us had a full set because what were the odds of us landing on three off the same property before anyone else?

Slim, teeny tiny

So after about three hours we all decided to count up our money and call it a night for which I was thankful, my eyeballs felt like they were drying up in their sockets I wanted sleep so bad!

One very fun thing was the board we were playing on, it was the special 'millenium' edition which of course is 12 years out of date now, but the little palying pieces are all fun and trying to be modern- there was a phone piece but it looked like a very old phone! I was the bicycle piece that was just a super streamline looking bicycle and nothing more modern than that!
But, look how fun the board looks, like it has rainbows bouncing off it or something!


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