Lets go to the movies: The woman in black

Monday, 22 October 2012

Okay, so this is kind of an oldie now as it's not even in the cinema anymore, but I only just saw it today and this is probably my absolute limit on a film that leans towards the horror genre but I can just cope with it although I did believe that the Woman in Black was waiting for me behind every door that I have opened since watching it.
Anywho onto the film, so the main guy is Harry Potter... I mean Daniel Radcliffe, and he plays as a widower lawyer with a young son, and he goes on work to visit a quiet village where he has to deal with legal documents in a classic haunted house, we're takling high ceilings, cobwebs, creepy paintings and dark corridoors.
The whole time you're on edge and I find films like that physically exhausting!
THere appears to be some kind of curse on the house where the same recurring bad event (I won't specify what) happens when someone sees the woman in black.
So Harry Potter has a good crack at breaking the curse and in the last few moments of the film you find out if he was successful or not.

A sum up-
This film is jumpy and eerie and is best watched with the lights on and a friend or two
I didn't know the story at all and it was a pleasant surprise
If you hate creepy kids toys or creepy kids in films then avoid
No matter how much you may want him to, Harry doesn't cast a spell to make all the bad things go away


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