Flower girls.. awhh

Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Here's a little update on the latest with my sisters wedding and it's to do with the cutests members of the wedding party- the flower girls.

we've done some browsing over the past few months for flower girls dresses off the rail but my sister knew that above all she wanted the dress to be cute and childish looking, not like a minature adult dress. This included a cute ribbon/bow or flowers and little cap sleeves. Surprisingly most flower girl dresses seem to have no sleeves at all, to find one with little cap sleeves was unusual or they were usually first holy communion dresses.

Then I came across this pretty dress in a pattern book and it captured my imagination, I love the pretty little ruffle flowers and sleeve type and on the back it has a cute little ribbon too!

I took a picture of it and sent it to my sister who agreed that it was the prettiest flower girl dress we had ever seen, so I got the paper pattern and now this is the dress-to-be... but not in pink!

Isn't it so lovable?

It was a child Vogue pattern and it had 40% off so cost the sweet price of £4.95!


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