Tomorrow, tomorrow, I love you, tomorrow

Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Tomorrow is one of my most favourite days in the whole year...

It's my birthday!

I am very excited for tomorrow but celebrated with my friends tonight. This brithday is my first birthday ever away from home so it's already going to be different from the rest- but luckily home is coming to me and my mum is coming to visit for the whole of my birthday so it won't be too odd after all.

I was totally delighted when I opened my mailbox this morning and saw a small wedge of pretty envelopes inside, I love recieving mail when it's fun mail!

This is my 'pre birthday night' outfit or a little corner shot of it, I'm wearing my pink ruffly satin shirt that was from Topshop but I got it in a second hand store for super duper cheap and then some black trousers made from 'leggings' material, then my comfy black heels and a shoulder-pad jacket.

On my eyes I'm wearing the Naked Palette, a combination of Virgin, Smog, Darkhorse and Sin

A little side note is these crazy toilet doors in a bar that we went, they were opaque from the outside, but when you were in the cubicle you could see straight out- oh my gosh it was so confusing! I felt like everyone could watch me pee!
Here was my secret view

Woohoo for crazy toilet decor and almost-birthdays!


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