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Wednesday, 10 October 2012

A good judgement of my 'essential' fragrances are the ones that sit on my desk in my new room away from home. I have other perfumes, but I couldn't take them all, so I have a small handful now which I can now confirm must be my favourites!

So here's what they are:

The purple heart lying on my desk is Loverdose by Diesel. I had a free sample of it and used that until it ran dry. I was then given a full sized bottle for my birthday so you can imagine my excitement! It's a scent I would certainly call a 'night' fragrance because it's quite heavy and rich- but I'm not really someone who changes up my scents that often nor do I have the resources to! But if you are, that's a little FYI- but I tend to wear it all day just because I love it so much. The smell is floral, but not light floral like roses, and it's also sweet. The bottle is so lvoely it's like having a precious gem on my desk! And it has a black spike in the midle of it which is interesting (after taking this picture I then realised that the bottle is meant to sit on it's side and does so nicely, rather than flat on it's back like a beached whale..haha)

The tall pink bottle is a Victoria Secret Fragrance Mist in red plum and freesia. This is really light as a fragrance and while I love it, it doesn't have much staying power so when you go out in the evening it's maybe better to overdose on this one so that it will stay on for a little longer. Is is super super sweet, probably the sweetest fragrance Victoria Secret do in their Body Mists as that is why I chose it! I love sweetie scents.

Then I have Burberry Baby Touch, which is a super light fragrance and to sum it up it smells like babies- but not smelly babies, kind of like that clean baby scent... I hope I don't sound like a creep that goes around sniffing babies! It smells mostly of vanilla and sweetness and the packaging is cute as the base is curved so rocks like a baby toy or something.

The next two are not perfumes but 'mists' the green bottle is good for stress relief, so I spray it on my clothes before exams or on my pillow the night before a nervous day. It smells really lovely as it's mint, mint is one of my favourite fragrances! The purple bottle is only meant for your linen and is meant to help you get to sleep- I havent used it yet because I hardly have problems getting to sleep, I need a zingy spray to help me wake up!


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