Staying awake Sunday nights

Sunday, 14 October 2012

Who says that I don't know how to have a crazy time on the weekend?

Well.. me, I'm sat on my maybe 4th or 5th hot chocolate of the evening trying to stay awake to get my work finished for Monday morning. I'm not a coffee drinker (coffee breath makes me gag) and I want to make my teeth brighter not browner!

Things that are good about tonight:

I'm not the only one working around the kitchen table

We are all taking turns to play a classical music 'study' song to lighten the mood

I have hot chocolate WITH marshmallows

It's raining while I'm INSIDE

Things that are not so good:

I had to run OUTSIDE in the rain to pick up a longed for library book I had reserved

I've drunk so much hot chocolate I just feel full up and need a nap

I'm concentrating more on being a study DJ than studying

Who even understands what any of the chapter in this book says anyway??


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