Jazzy Jumpers

Friday, 5 October 2012

I don't really know why but I always prefer my autumn/winter clothes over my summer ones, I think they are just more fun- perhaps it's because we have such long autumns and winters and a really short summer so I invest much more time into looking for wonderful winter clothes that will get much more use

These are my two most recent treasures! I love them so much

this is a pink knitted jumper with teddy bear print. It has purple buttons running along the shoulder which is very cute- and better still it has NO LABELS! Which leads me to believe that it was hand made by some nifty knitter and maybe is a one of a kind!

The next one is sooooo seventies I love it, It has a fabric clown holding balloons- since it was just my birthday, it reminded me of a birthday jumper, but if only I had found it in time for my birthday... ah well, it's still super cute to wear on a regular day too

Do you like fun knit jumpers too? Or would wearing these make you feel like a Kindergarden teacher?


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