Mandarin lesson #1

Monday, 29 October 2012

Things that I didn't realise would be so darn difficult:


Liquid black eyeliner

Learning CHINESE

this post is just about the last one, mandarin is darn difficult. I do a little bit every day to try and keep it fresh but i'm struggling with the basic things like writing the correct characters, some of the characters are difficult and seem so darn fiddly!

Or I will look at a character and know what it is in English, but not how it sounds in chinese! Which is not so helpful for when you want to speak to people, and only useful for reading.

Anywho- here's a little chinese lesson for you, who says you don't learn anything here!?


Zhōng means middle and guó means jade but when you put them together they mean China! How funny is that??
China sounds like Zhōng guó

Yīng means wise but when added to guó means United Kingdom, so kind of like 'wise country'

it sounds like Yīng guó

and the last country of the day is America
means pretty, and added to guó means America- the literal translation is the pretty country!

it sounds like this Mĕi guó



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