What mood?

Thursday, 25 October 2012

You know those situations when you're in a complete rut with your music that everything that comes on shuffle you immediately change, all the songs that you do like you don't feel like listening to and the other 90% of your music you don't listen to anymore but can't be bothered to get rid of?

Me too

It's annoying because you don't know where to look for good music and new artists, Youtube is a big ol' mish mash of gambling, afterall you can't tell what a song sounds like by looking at a photograph. Until now, I introduce to you.... Stereomood.com

Songs are organised by folks like you and me into playlists that represent moods or activities, like a playlist for studying, reading, lazy afternoons, sunshine, sleeping, angry, sad, romantic, baking and driving (that is the complete tip of the iceberg in terms of playlists) and you simply click one, and there is an endless list of compiled songs that jsut play, one after the other. You will probably have hardly heard any of them before in your life. Sometimes they are incredible covers of popular songs, or hidden gems of music that you would never hear in mainstream music charts.

It really is amazing how right the playlists always are, and how accurate the compilation of them is in reflecting the mood. My favourite songs ever I found on Stereomood, you don't get sick of them because they are not played on the radio or music channels all day long.

Plus if you really like a song it links you to the purchase link on itunes, but its not like Spotify where it limits you to listen to a song a certain amount of times, nor do you have to download a single thing, nor do you have to sit through awful adverts. Just simply good music

You will probably get into the habit of opening up stereomood before you open up itunes in the future to listen to music.

I hope you learned a little something, I'm currently on the 'Piano' playlist, I find it easier to blog with wordless music!


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