How not to dry your washing

Monday, 15 October 2012

So I'm used to at home, hanging out my washed clothes on the line, and then the lovely British weather will either rain on them some more or the winds will whip them into shape and then they are dry

There's no such luck here, where I should have (note the key word here is should) purchased a clothes airer, but what did I do instead?

Two loads of washing, my lights and colours- waited the half hour for them to wash, came back down to collect them from the machines and then as I pry my drenched bed sheets from the washing machine I realise the error of my ways...

Where on earth will I dry all of this?

My poor friends clothes airer was already full as she'd done a wash with me and it was 11pm or so at night, so what creative, amazing, other-worldy solution did I come up with?


None other than hanging every sheet, sock and shirt from any available hook, handle or cupboard door. My room looked like a neater(!) version of Primark and it gave off that same claustrophic feeling too, I really hate sleeping in a messy room and I ended up having to sleep surrounded by this:

Domestic goddess reporting for duty!


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