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Friday, 26 October 2012

If I could describe my early halloween night in one word it would be...cold

My goodness I was frozen to the bone, and I wore a cardigan!
I wasn't aware it would be so much walking around from place to place (although I did wear flats thank goodness)

Oh England, why are you so cold and wintery and dark and raining on our fun??

On a brighter note...

I went dressed as Alice in wonderland... it was a recycled costume but oh well, I hopes no one would remember and they didn't seem to.

For makeup I'm wearing my wonderful, new, miraculous, magical and mesmerising Urban Decay Vice palette-uh

I'm wearing Desperation all over the lid, Black market in the crease (blended of course as it's a jet black) Provocateur on the inner corner and a dap with my finger of Armor in the middle of the lid, I love armor it's super duper glittery and halloween-y!!!

I was going for a grey, worn-in look, I didn't want my makeup to look fresh so that the look wasn't so soft and a little more sinister.

What are you wearing for halloween!?

They had sold out of Pumpkin costumes... I was saad


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