Beaches on a Saturday night

Saturday, 17 November 2012

It is still super duper freezing cold here, but if we're heading out on a Saturday night I may aswell dress as though it's the middle of Summer- once you get inside it feels like it is the sweatiest summer ever anyway.

My top has Brighton Pier spread across it, I really like this top because it is basically just a giant photograph. Walking along the street would be a much brighter place if everyone wore beautiful photographs printed on the front of clothes, I love looking at amazing photographs and would want to see them walking along the street I think.

This style reminds me sort of of those Galaxy Leggings from Black Milk that were so popular, it's because the picture on them was truly beautiful- who doesn't love to look at the stars?

The top itself is from good ol' Primark, the shorts I beleive were Primark too and are coming up to 5 years old probably.

Tights from Pretty Polly at New Look and heels from Ebay!

On my eyes I'm wearing a blue-grey smokey eye Ooh La La!


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