Chamonix fan-caay

Wednesday, 7 November 2012

This is my first outfit that I bought with winter in mind, even though the tshirt is the focus, and tshirts are not the best for winter wear, but I just loved the snowy scene on it.

I got it from Forever21 about 2 weeks ago, and I went in there last week and couldn't see it- but maybe I wasn't looking hard enough or the stock has been all switched around.
The top itself is kinda baggy, this is the smallest size and it's still like a nightshirt on, but I tuck it into my jeans to give it a little more shape.
The front texture is a silky fabric, and the back a thin white cotton- the scene on the front is just like the snowy mountains in Chamonix, which is a magical place in France.
It's not literally magical, but it feels like it is as it's far away from anything and people live in actual log cabins, like in Hansel and Gretel!

Also, all the time you are surrounded by snow topped mountains even when it's super warm, water trickles down them and it's so pure you can drink it.

So as you have probably guessed- this shirt captured my heart!

For the rest of the outfit I tucked it into a pair of inky blue jeans, im wearing a white vest underneth the top and blck cardgian over the top for extra layers, then a leather-looking jacket over the top of that.

On my feet are my trusty black ankle boots.

On my eyes I'm wearing Chaos from the Urban Decay Vice palette in the crease and blended it out a lot as the blue colour is super duper bright.

Then in the corner of my eye I'm wearing a matte brown, and a light colour on the browbone. I thsould be blended enough to not look electric blue on your eye but like a pretty wintery-midnight blue.

Hooray for Chamonix (pronounced sham-oh-neigh)


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