Catching Fireworks

Monday, 5 November 2012

Did you see any fireworks tonight?
These were the ones from my window, I just leaned on the ledge and filmed them, then cut out the boring parts and just kept in the most amazing and beautiful ones.

The best part? I got to be all snug in my jammies while watching a beautiful light dance in front of me

I was far enough away to have an amazing view, and not to get deafened by the bangs but close enough to see every fleck and burst of colour crystal clear.

If for whatever reason, you couldn't get out to see a firework display tonight on Bonfire night then I hope that you enjoy this and feel like you are right there watching too!


Unlike other fireworks that dissolve away into the night never to be seen again, these are caught forever and will re-glitter and re-burst into colour over and over again!


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