Sleepy Sunday

Sunday, 11 November 2012

The evening is drawing in on another sleepy Sunday and you want something to suit the mood?

You could drop over to Stereomood to find endless songs to match with a sleepy Sunday or you could hang around here for a while and see if I can deliver something sweet to your ears.

Together we can put off that Monday 'dread' feeling and enjoy the fact that today is Sunday still!

A day of rest, so rest your eyes and listen to this...



The XX - Angels, very mellow, slow and has the rhythm of a slow ticking clock.

The words are very very special too


Passenger- Never let her go, be careful of putting this one on repeat as when the day comes that you kill it, that will be a sad day instead. I love the easy-to-hear lyrics, and sweet melody. The twinkly piano at the start reminds me of Winter or Christmas too

Happy listening, and enjoy the rest of your Sunday!


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