NO PAIN ear piercing!

Thursday, 8 November 2012

I spotted the coolest earring in Republic today, maybe it's old news in the land of earring design, but I looove it.
It's an earring with a tiny gold chain connected to a cuff, which wraps around the top of the ear, you can get that part of your ear pierced but I never fancied the pain.

But what makes this one so extra special is the three feathers hanging so prettily below the ear in a kind of gradient type thing, hanging from more pretty delicate gold chains.

It cost the sweet ol' price of £6 and was the last on the display

You can see in the picture that I'm sporting my 'A' earrings, y'know incase I forget what my name begins with or something, or say one of my friends needs a little prompt as to what my name is haha

Wearing this makes me feel like an egyptian or aztec, or like I am from some other exotic time period where fancy and elaborate gold jewellery was all the rage


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