Post-Birthday presents!

Saturday, 3 November 2012

It's been a month since my birthday but it still feels like my birthday as there was some delayed arrivals!

This is the delayed arrivals a la my sister!

A bottle of palmers cocoa butter- I love this stuff, as does so many other people, it truly is delicious. I used to only have a baby sized bottle that I used up a long time ago, but now I have this lusciously huge bottle to last me a whole lot longer! I put some on and walked in the kitchen and someone went 'ooh, who smells like hot chocolate?'

Neutrogena Pink grapefruit face scrub, which I may say smells like a fruity dream and is very good for oily skin like mine, and coulnd't have come at a better time as my Oxy face scrub is just about used up

Two, yes two pots of Burts bees banana hand cream, which I've blogged about previously and how much I love it, and my container for that is just about empty too so now I have two as back ups!

Some Burts Bees lip balm which is very appropriate for the chilly weather that seems very relentless up here

Neutrogena face wipes- especially good for nights when you can't quite make that trip to the sink to wash your makeup off

Nautically wonderful, stretchy leggings from Republic

A makeup mirror with one side having a 5x zoom! Hello blocked pores..

and the grand finale gift...

A Liberty Hello Kitty gift set

It's seriously wonderful, and comes with Hello Kitty face scrub, bubble bath, moisturiser, spray, wash mitten, eye mask etc... It's wonderful, and the scent isn't sickly sweet like you might think, it's actually sophisticated and lovely. Inside the case is a mirror, and the print on the outside has Hello Kitty's face hidden in it. It's so beautiful, I don't know where to display it!

Hooray for birthdays, even if your birthday was a month ago!


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