Move over BB cream, that is SO last year!

Monday, 19 November 2012

BB cream has just become a commonplace beauty product that a lot of people think is a 'must have'

I never fell for BB creams like a lot of people seemed to, but I like a full coverage foundation, and BB creams were always jsut a little too tame for what I liked.


here is the next step fowards from BB creams which stand for 'Blemish/Beauty balm'

CC creams...

I know next year it will be DD creams, then by the time I'm an old granny We'll be on ZZ creams or maybe BB creams will come back in fashion as a 'vintage beauty favourite' Who knows? Haha!

CC stands for Colour control/ Colour correction

It's a lot more on evening out your skin tone and those dark spots, it still has SPF in it too but also vitamin C which is to help fade the skin.

The lowdown on the texture:
It's reported to be much lighter than BB cream- which means that I probably won't be a fan of this either..

No word of when it will be available in the UK but here's a little looky at the brands that have come out with a bandwagon CC cream!



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