Don't press on my stomach

Friday, 23 November 2012

So it's Friday and I'm about to share with you a food-based crime that has taken place tonight
Actual, real criminal activity.
I saw this gateau in the freezer at the supermarket and for the sweet ol' deal of £1-something-p it was off home with me.
The gateau probably says on the side that it serves 8, maybe 12 people.
Tonight, I'm ashamed to say this served 2

I can't even tell you that I had the smaller half, the halves were even and I gobbled it up!
The delicious creamy icing, the wonderful chocoalte mousse like filling
wah it was so good.
But now I'm paying the price and am about 10 seconds away from falling into a food-coma
(One of those naps that you just have to have when you're so god damn full and the only way to not feel so gross and like a lump is to sleep it off)

It's going to be fun fitting into christmas party dresses!


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