Lets go to the movies: Twilight - Breaking Dawn Part 2

Saturday, 24 November 2012

I was really looking foward to this, I don't really really love the Twilight series, I've not read any of it but I sort of wanted to see how the story ended and I'd seen all of them in cinema so thought there was no point in breaking that tradition with the last one.

At the start I thoguth things were pretty good, in the first sort of ten minutes I am no 'film expert' or 'media-brain' but the filming sempt a bit different, maybe that was just in my head, but the style of filming looked more unnatural? is that the right word?
Maybe I should have thoguht about what I was going to type before I typed it... but basically I mean that some filming shots are kind of realistic looking as though you are looking in on real life, which I thought was sometimes the case with the Twi-trilogy, but in this film there were a lot less 'natural' shots and a lot more..abstract?

Phew glad I got that out, finally.


I was kind of yawning, things were a bit dull, a bit slow and not very exciting, everything was slow progress and some parts pointless... did we really need to see more smooching between Edward and Bella?

At one point I turned to my friend who came with me to see Breaking Dawn pt 2 and actually mouthed 'sorry' because I had begged and begged that we see it and said that I was almost certain it was going to be spectacular, and it wasn't

Another odd thing was the weird relationship the rest of the cinema seemed to have with the film that I was completely isolated from, there were some one liners, or just moments that the audience would crack up laughing as though they knew or understood some sub text or context within the film that I didn't, perhaps it's because I havent read the books? Perhaps it's because I wasn't very engrossed? Eitherway I wanted to be 'in' on what felt like a private joke but I just wasn't, which was kind of sad.

Then the twist, ah the twist, the magica; 'twist' everyone told me was really what made this film special.

Without giving it away- my opinion on the twist is that I wish it wasn't there, those who have seen the film will hopefully get what I mean, a good finale has lots of weight, emotion both victories AND tragedies.

Thumbs down for Breaking Dawn Part 2


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