Too late to talk

Wednesday, 21 November 2012

It's late, I'm tired and I want to be here:

But instead I'm here:

At my desk.. that's a juicy shot of the back of my head 'woohoo' the thought of a picture of my face terrifies me at this obscene hour, and maybe it would terrify you too!

I'm up late gettting into the swing of all this 'work' and 'studying' stuff but also editing a really fun video to be posted tomorrow as I won't get the oppertunity to post it on the weekend.

Once again the video took 3 attempts to film- what is it with me and having to film everything three times? Maybe I should just stare at the camera the first two attempts in silence, so all my energy is saved for the third and only usable footage.

Up til' the early hours but hoping you sleep well tonight ~ woo woo


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