Lets cook! ~ Tuna Pasta and other fun things!

Tuesday, 6 November 2012

It's cooking time again!


This one takes about 25 minutes all in all and costs about £1.70 in total with all the ingredients, it will serve up 2 healthy sized portions!

You need:

1 mug of pasta

2 mugs of frozen peas

185g can of tuna (the little, flat cans)

200g pot of creme fraiche

a little sprinkling of cheese

Chuck the pasta and the peas into a pot of boiling water, once they're cooked drain them and return them to the pan.

Drain the oil from the tuna can and add it to the pan, along with the creme fraiche, maybe some pepper if you'd like, or lemon juice.

Mix it all together, gently so that the tuna doens't turn into mulch

Serve up, sprinkle with cheese, eat and make appropriate sounding yummy noises



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