My Problem(s) with the Urban Decay Primer Potion

Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Urban Decays Primer potion is marketed...and not helped by a trillion youtubers supporting this idea... is marketed as the creme de la creme of eyeshadow primers when it simply and truly isn't.

Maybe you like it, maybe you love it but have you tried any others in the same price bracket before you know for certain that Urban Decay are the queens of preserving your freshly applied eyeshadow?

Here's the lowdown on why I don't like it:
It's overpriced and does not feel rich luxurious or silky on my skin as some people have described it. Actually, it's got a watery or a cheap moisturiser feel to it and as someone who has oily skin, the last thing I want is something to make my eyelids feel greasy.

The applicator is plain weird (I understand they've now changed this bottle design and thank goodness) a lipgloss appliocator is not appropriate for an eye primer, the warmth of the finger is much better, or something with a larger surface area as our eyelids have a larger area to cover than our lips, something that is not like weaponry to our eye being so sharp and pointy.

The bottles were a complete rip off once upon a time, there used to be over half the product left hidden in the smooth curves that make the packaging look like a majestical potion

Urban Decay Primer potion is not worth the hype, try some cheaper ones first, maybe L'oreal and see if you like them, what you like about them and try to find that in the more expensive brands if you decide to invest. I'm glad I only got the sample size free with the naked palette


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