Lets go to the movies: Paranormal Activity

Thursday, 29 November 2012

It took a lot of persuasion, a lot.


I can remember being in the car with my mum when the over the radio listeners were calling in saying things like "I've not let my boyfriend leave the house for two weeks I'm so scared to sleep alone"

I remember saying to my mum, 'my goodness, I would never watch that what's the point of putting yourself through it?'

That was when paranormal activity was just coming out in cinemas.

Now, 3 years on I was persuaded that it would be a 'good idea' that it would stop me being so scared- I am a super scaredy cat and that I would 'toughen up' to these kind of things.

I was even told that it's 'not that scary at all' which I was sure couldn't be true.

Now I'm not here to show off, or to try and portray that I am some kind of horror movie machine because I am not, I am the wimpyest of the wimps, The Children of the Corn still gives me nightmares.

But Paranormal Activity was the biggest anti climax for me ever.

I wasn't scared, I even yawned, I turned to my friend and said 'When is something going to happen??'

However, I can understand how it could be scary in a cinema atmosphere so here are a few reasons why I think I was not scared by Paranormal Activity:

I think I get very very easily scared by the power of music in the background of something, if there's scary background music even if it's on the shot of daisies growing in the field I would still find that scary. As paranormal activity is going for a 'realist' thing, there was no scary music.

I am the easiest person in the world to make jump and that's what usually gets me in horror films and there was absolutely no jumpyness in this.

There were no 'creepy' camera angles, you know the kind when the camera is done so that it looks as though you are looking through the 'baddies' eyes

The talcum powder foot prints looked like giant duck feet so then I couldn't stop laughing for a little while

Not having much luck with films as of late, give me some suggestions!


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