Lets go to the movies: Ted

Tuesday, 20 November 2012

I watched Ted because it had a cute teddy in it, that literally was the only reason, I thought the teddy was cute and I wanted to watch it despite everyone telling me that he really isn't all that cute.

The first five minutes or intro of the film were like the beginning of some magical kids film, it told the story of how Ted came to be, and how he is magical enough to talk, it like melted my heart!
Then you flash foward like 20 years to the future and he's picked up some much less cute habits... including hookers, drugs, swearing all that kind of stuff, but I just had to let that stuff go over my head.

I didn't laugh a whole lot because it wasn't really my kind of humour, but I loved the cute teddy bear and his different outfits.

There's a scene where he wears a suit for a job interview and oh my gosh he just looked adorable! He's all tubby and cuddly looking I just wanted to squeeze him!

As the story goes on Ted's like #1 creepy fan tries to steal him, and the story gets a whole lot more sinister, for the past ten minutes of the film I actually cried, solidly, real tears! I can't say why because it will give it away, but it really made me weep, I just freakin' love that bear!

To sum up:
I cried a lot more than I laughed at this film, and probably liked it for all the wrong reasons, but gosh darnit I want a life-sized Ted plush



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