Maths in the morning

Friday, 30 November 2012

I have a saturday maths test

Test, on a Saturday!?

It's very cruel but there's nothing I can do

So I'm sat here with a million sheets. I picked up my phone to take a picture to show you but they all look so depressing and grim I just didn't take a picture at all because I thought what would be the point!?

Instead I'll show you what I'm eating as my snack


Raisins, with a teaspoon

I can't find any chocolate, or anything sweet at all so I settled for raisins, which are a bit too sticky and kind of making my tongue feel weird.

Cramming woop de woop!

I feel your pain if you're cramming too

Or if you have an exam tomorrow and you need to study, watch my video for all kinds of help with that!


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