A reflection corner!

Friday, 24 August 2012

I've been helping my sister deck out her new classroom for a brand new class this September! I know some schools have alrady gone back, but schools here don't go back until September so we still have some time to finish things off and neaten things up.

I've dedicated a whole blog post especially to this great idea, even if you don't care about classroom decor, hopefully you'll think this is a great idea too!

It's a 'Time for reflection' table, a place where you can go especially to reflect!

The table has been covered in silver paper, then plastic backing to protect the paper from tears
Then stuck on the table are all the great things to be thankful for like your home, friends, flowers, family and  just life in general!

I love the calm and relaxing colour scheme, the little pictures and the cute flowers in the corner of the table. Through maybe the best part is the mirror so that you can literally reflect on your day and life and how you can make tomorrow better!

I think it's really great to see this being encouraged in schools so that maybe it becomes habit every day to feel thankful.
Maybe the truest part is the quote

"We often take for granted the very things that most deserve our thanks"


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