Ni Hao WHAT now?

Monday, 27 August 2012

You know you have those things that you really want to do at one point or another and you're sure you'll get around to it but you don't have a plan of action as to when.
I do this all the time, my list of 'great things to do' only gets longer not shorter!
Things like:
Learning to play an instrument
Giving blood
Going to an open top cinema  (see yesterdays blog post)
Oodles of craft projects
Learning a language
Going scuba diving

all these fun things I intend to fall into place in the near future but..I don't know when
But recently, I've taken matters into my hands on one thing and that's 'learning a language' that language being Mandarin (Chinese)

Me and languages at school were... not so great.
But I hope that through choosing to learn it myself and take classes the experience will be more inspiring than that of school.

Here you can see I'm practicing writing Ni Hao which is hello or literally 'you good' and get to grips with the characters too.

Small little baby steps but who knows maybe this time next year I'll have progressed a little!


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