Wake me up- before you go go!

Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Getting up is the first challenge of my day, every single day.
I am a bad getter-upper even when I've had a full night sleep!
I've tried them 'sunrise' alarm clocks before to try and ease me into waking up but I would always sleep straight through the light getting brighter and just end up late.
When I got to grips with the fact that I can't avoid that 'ughraghshh' wake up feeling I can join it- and make it better, happier!
Starting with....
My wake up song, or alarm clock song that is set on my phone is now super important as it can set up my mood for a whole day, but remember to change it often (every fortnight or so) otherwise you will get sick of it and come to hate the song because you will associate it with waking you up in the morning...

So without further ado here is my morning-happy-alarm songs to keep you going for a while!

Something to get your heart pumping and feeling like you can take the day on:

One of my favourites and it's slow and breezy at first:

Something to get you feeling good- haha:

One of my favourite alarm songs but was so afraid of ruinging a song that I love, that I changed it quickly to my current alarm clock song!:

My current alarm song!:

If none of them are working for you, just opt for a song that slowly builds up rather than something that begins with a 'BANG' otherwise it will just aggrivate you in the morning, and won't have you jumping out of bed with a smile on your face.


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