I'm gon' be a bridesmaid!

Tuesday, 14 August 2012

I've posted more than once about my sister getting married next year!

_-~* Insert my gushing face!*~-_

Since 'the dress' has already been purchased, now we can move onto 'the other important dress' which is that of the bridesmaids!

Today was day 1 of many in terms of shopping, we're looking at the dresses in the American brand 'Forever Yours' they do very stereotypically 'American' bridesmaid and flower girl dresses if that makes sense?
I guess I mean the styles, the cheesy green screen backdrops of some of the photo shoots too!

Here's the initial dress that we thought would be 'the one' or 'the other one' haha but not this colour.

Tried on it lookes different, and we just didn't love it as much as the picture, also in the shop it was in a candyfloss pink colour so I felt like a candy floss-ballerina-fairy type thing, not a sophisticated and chic bridesmaid...

The search continues!

Here's a look at the ones I was trying on today:

Guess if you can!


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