New video: Looking better when you feel ill

Friday, 3 August 2012

I wish I had a better camera to truly pick up the difference between the before and after, but hopefully you can tell that I'm less blemish-y and the redness around my nose has been zapped away!

My video is as follows:
But if you're super short on time I'll give you a brief outline and additional tips below!

- I avoided moisturisers while feeling all yucky and flu-like because I already felt super sweaty and gross, and didn't want to slather anything over my skin.
-If I really have to face the world while feeling gross I apply concealer to the redness on my nose, my blemishes, eyelids and under eye circles.
-I prefer to dust a super lightweight foundation all over my skin over the top of the concealer to make my skin tone appear much more even
-I dust the smallest amount of blusher on my cheeks to stop me looking 'ghost like'
-I apply vaseline to my lips (pots are more hygenic than tubes)
Adterwards don't forget to cleanse all the brushes that you used, and I washed the lid to the foundation that I used aswell (as I swirled the brush in the lid)

Other top tips:
-Using a seperate toothbrush for 'being ill' and keeping it in your bedroom if you share a bathroom with other people so that toothbrushes don't have to 'mingle'
-Get lots of sleep, as much as you can!
-When you can, remove all your makeup and apply vaseline to your nostrils if they are sore and red from blowing your nose too much
-Drinking peppermint tea is a great way to open up your airways and it's warm and soothing!

Sending lots of 'get well' wishes your way!


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