Pinks and Browns ~ Eyeshadow Tutorial

Saturday, 4 August 2012

I've been playing around a lot with pinks at the moment, they have a reputation as a difficult colour to wear as eyeshadow, but I love them and find them really versatile making them easy to work with. I've tried pinks with greens, pinks with blues, pinks with whites and now pinks with browns. I think the key to avoid looking like you've got a bruise on your eyelid is to apply the pink slowly, build it up layer by layer. Another thing that makes a big difference is to make sure that you fully line your eyes on the top and lower lashline, otherwise your eyes can get kind of 'lost' and look smaller and maybe even make the eyes look a little tired.

Here's how it went down:
For the eyes-
Painterly Paint pot by MAC
Pale pink, Glamour Girl all over the eyelid by Fashionista
Bright pink, Brave eyeshadow on the outer corner of the eye by Fashionista
Dark brown, Folie along the crease, blended backwards and fowards by MAC
Shade 001 Time Resist White by L'oreal on the brown bone and inner corner of the eye
Brown gel eyeshadow along the top lashline by MAC
Folie by MAC along the lower lashline, so that it's not so harsh and heavy on the eyes
White eyeliner along the waterline - Fascination by MAC
Black Mascara by BareEscentuals

I finished it off with a frosted lip by using a pale pink Lovelorn by MAC and pressing Shade 001 Time Resist White by L'oreal in the centre of my lips and then pressing them together


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