Braving London transport and real dinosaurs

Saturday, 11 August 2012

I've been trying to avoid going into London during the Olympics because it's estimated that an extra 1 million people will be there, which means a whole lot of people crammed into those London Underground carriages, but we decided to brave it in the end to visit The Natural History Museum and would just avoid the Central Line to try and avoid any Olympic rushes. This plan worked well on the way there, but on the way back we got a little more unlucky and was rammed into the underground carriages like sardines, anywho we had a lovely and _-*culturally enriching*-_ day, the best part was seeing the Dinosaurs!

Then some strange, huge and scary biological statues...

It was so huge that we had no chance of getting around it all in the day, they had sections for fossils, gem stones, mammals, bugs, birds- so much accessible knowledge that you would be a genius if you read and digested it all and the weirdest and most wonderful part is that the elaborate and beautiful museum was free but there was lots of places to donate to support the work that they do.

In the day we ate an amazing Mexican near Angel, London- and in the evening at some fancy french, it was presented so beautifully on the plate that I wanted to take out my phone and steal a snap but I was a little embaressed as it was very quiet and 'proper'


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