Classroom bird deco!

Tuesday, 21 August 2012

We went on down to my sisters classroom as the school summer holiday is drawing to a close to sort things out and make it look a little bit cuter! You don’t realise how much effort goes into ‘jazzing’ up a classroom, or at least I didn’t! I don’t remember my teachers making the classrooms I was in so pretty and fun and inviting.
So the theme for this year was birds, last year it was sports (for the Olympics) so we had to bird up a classroom which is easier said than done.
Here you can see me trying to sort out the reading area in the classroom, and make it look kind of like a tropical jungle with birdies sat on top. There’s green netting over the top of the plastic to make it look a little more ‘leafy’

I added painted bird eggs, birds with feathers (that probably look like the kids in the class made them…) and tissue paper tassles, as well as a green plastic sheet along the back to make it feel more secluded.

On another wall was the really fun ‘fancy word’ wall bordered in get this… feather boas! I thought that was just the funnest idea and would encourage me to use the more fancy words...

Nothing is finished yet but I sure hope they like it!


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