Summer Wedding Heel Solution

Wednesday, 8 August 2012

If you are going to a summer wedding on a lawn or about to be a summer bride and the balls of your feet ache at the thought of leaning on them to try and avoid the dreaded heel-lawn-sink then the solution has been found in

There are more pictures on there website but I think these are just brilliant!
They have recieved a bit of stick for looking tacky, but I was at a wedding a few Saturdays ago and I really could have done with these, and for any following heel-events. Plus if you think they really look that bad, then maybe you could just wear them for lawn photos and things, then remove them.

A way to maybe try and trick yourself into thinking that they are pretty is that they remind me of the base of champagne flutes, or decorate the base with a circle of little stick on gems or something!
Let me know if you think these are a great idea or horribly tacky!


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