Being Brave Seeing Brave

Thursday, 16 August 2012

Incase the title didn't make it completely obvious to you, I saw the new Disney Pixar film 'Brave' today and thought I'd share with you my two cents on how it went down with us (the us being me and my best friend)
Now before we begin here is a song to listen to as you read what I write to set the magical-mood for you, and also becuase the soundtrack was my absolutely number 1 favourite part

Brave is about a redheaded princess with the most enviable hair of any of the Disney Princesses, it's in these perfect curls that are the colour of ketchup- who is- surprise surprise- fiesty. Kids films love to play the 'fiesty' card with red haired characters... Anywho, it's set in Scotland which made for a nice change and actually sempt quite realistic as the skies were almost always grey and stormy looking. Basically, the red haired princess doesn't want to be married but somehow ends up in a story seperate to that to do with breaking a bear related curse.. It is as odd and random as it sounds.

There are lots of great and sweet moments mostly from the Princesses triplet younger brothers who are too adorable for words, and other great magical moments when the princess follows these blue sprite things through the forest- very 'Avatar-ish' not to mention how great the music was and added purpose to everything when scenes were moving a bit slowly.

The story as a whole was not that great to me, better than most kids films for sure, but not up there with Pixars greatest whatsoever. Aside from the setting being in Scotland the rest wasn't that original and reminded me of some Shrek-Snow White mash up. The Princess in Brave basically being a younger Princess Fiona... and the whole thing with the curse needing to be broken by two sunrises or being permanent forever is very Shrek-ish too. Then the evil lady in a little forest in the house resembled the Dwarves home, with the woman resembling that shape shifting evil stepmother from Snow White.
It's diffcult to explain how a storyline is both 'weird' and unoriginal at the same time, but Brave just is. Not to mention pushing the boarders on PG rated films, I jumped pretty violently at some parts.

Alright... positive things:
The soundtrack was amazing (I know this is the third time I've said it)
The backdrop was up there with being as magical as the underwater world of Finding Nemo
There is no slushy love story whatsoever
Did I mention the soundtrack?

So there you have it, my movie roundup! Let me know what you thought of Brave!


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