Climbing a castle, cathedral and boat

Friday, 10 August 2012

It was a beautiful, sunny day so we decided to make the most of it and visit some tourist 'hot spots'. We visited a castle which was impressive, but also a little bit scary as it was tall and crumbling. I took these pictures because the arches were still in tact and I loved them! If I really imagined, I felt like I was in the place where A Game of Thrones was set ( I really love that tv show) it was wodnerful and majestical and I think would be so perfect on a warm evening if the top part was lined in candles and lanterns!

Then we headed to a museum that had this kind of 'immitation boat' I thought it was really funny because it looked like real water behind me! I assure you if it was I would not have been so brave as to sit on the edge!

Then there was a part where you could 'drive' the boat, but of course whatever way you turned the steering wheel, the screen projecting the water in front did not change, so you couldn't have a crash-tastrophe

To finish off, we had a peaceful visit to the cathedral, here you can see I'm making a wish and a prayer with the candles!


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