Oh My Mickey Mouse!

Saturday, 18 August 2012

It makes me feel sad that winter clothes are back in and sandals and shorts are on the sale rails in stores, we didn't really get a proper summer here, at least it didn’t feel like it. Even more so because I was in England for the whooooooole of summer.
Anywho, I spotted this little cutie pie on the rack at H & M and all of a sudden the day seemed to get brighter, even though now I’m hoping for snowy snow and rain so that I can wear this bad guy!

I love how the Mickey Mouse is actually knitted into the fabric rather than being a transfer over the top so that hopefully it will last longer.

 It cost £19.99! The knit of it is super cute too, the sleeves are a different more ‘textured’ knit while the rest is a ‘smooth’ knit

It makes me wish that I could knit myself, I could do a matching Minnie Mouse one, or if I could knit any pattern I’d knit a candy floss jumper with baby blue and pink candy striped sleeves, with the rest being baby blue and a baby pink giant cone of cotton candy on the front!

 If you could knit any jumper design what would you knit?


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