Hello Kitty: Sweet Collection Perfume

Sunday, 12 August 2012

I got a special little treat to share with you, courtesy of my globe trotting sister who got me a fun souvenir from the Duty Free on the way back from her holidays!

They are this beautiful Hello Kitty 'sweet collection' perfume, and oh the packing is such a delight!

 The boxes do not lie, the scent truly is yummy, to me it smells a lot like fruit and sweeties but according to the official 'scent-people' the scent includes:

Sweety apples with drops of green apple
Flowers of cherry trees
Pulped Jasmine petals
Coco balls
Sweet pralines
Drops of musk powder
Vanilla syrup
Candy Sugar

The bottles look so perfect lined up together, I want to keep them together!

Trying to show you a close up of the bottles, it looks like hello kitty is eyeless accroding to this photo, but she has facial features I assure you!

The little travel stamp to show you guys that I think you can only get them on planes and things, rather than in your regular shop, plus doesn't kitties pilot attire look so adorable!?


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