Hello Kitty & Dear Daniel Wedding Plushes!

Thursday, 9 August 2012

I was gifted two Hello Kitty plushies that were part of a McDonalds 'gift' programme in Japan 2000!
They are still in their bags and I just can't take them out, they look so perfect and pristine in them, but maybe I've always been a bit weird with tags, I try to keep the tags on everything for as long as possible because I think it makes items look 'fresh' which is so silly I know,

Anywho, here is the beautiful 'Dream Wedding' set!
Hello Kitty and Dear Daniel

To see their attire in it's full glory I googled a picture of them!

I love Dear Daniels tufty hair and how his hankerchief in his pocket is embellished with McDonalds M's and Kitties matching felty head piece and bouquet!
I just love them, they are so special and lovely!


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