In bed with me and teddy!

Monday, 13 August 2012

I am very lucky that sleep has never been something that I struggle to get, I sleep well most nights and pretty much always get my 8 hours - this isn't me bragging about all the fun exciting sleep that I get, It's just on those days when I don't get as much sleep as I wanted that I appreciate how important the 'Zzz's are.
It's like trying to funciton without food- I just can't do it! I need sleep as much as I need food to be able to do anything at all!

Sometimes we can be kept awake at night by horrible scenarios playing out in our head over and over and over that I sometimes wish I had a 'off' switch, like a robot, because although my poor eyes are sleepy my brain is on overdrive and full of electricity. This is worse at night than in the day because sometimes nights when everyone else is asleep is when you can feel worse because you feel more alone.

I remember one day when I was maybe eight or nine and I told my grandparents about how I couldn't get to sleep because I was so worried, and then I told them how amazed I was that everything, every little thing seems better in the morning, not healed, but better beyond belief!
I am thankful to my little eight or nine year old self to have learned this lesson very very young. Everything, absolutely everything seems worse on nights alone than in the day where you don't feel confined to your bedroom and forcing your little peepers closed to try and tempt sleep.

So if you're reading this at night and something is niggling or maybe eating away at your mind, know that although you cannot for the life of you see how anything could look better at this moment, this moment will pass, morning will come and things will seem brighter.

Here's a little something wonderful to get you feeling better already!
My new giant best friend, he is my 'Dreams' bear, and keeps me safe at night when I'm worried! I love how he has sleepy eyelashes!

I've named this ball of brown fuzz Toby!

Night Night
Sleep Tight
Don't let the bed bugs bite!


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