Outdoor Cinema

Sunday, 26 August 2012

My friend and I had the funnest evening, the sort of thing that a high school couple would do in the 50s or so it felt!
We went to an outdoor cinema screening in a park in London
I tried to take pictures but they all came out bad in the light, so this is the best I've got to show you

Which makes it look as though the nigh was really foggy, when it was actually pretty clear!
The screen itself was inflatable, like a giant inflatable cinema screen, then a little projector under a tent which of course projected onto the screen itself!

The film we saw was Scott Pilgrim Vs The world which is just the sort of film that you would want to see outside in the dark, seeing a horror film would be a different experience altogether, and not a positive one.
We had a little bit of a 'rain scare' where there were three sets of rain but they were only light showers and didn't last any longer than five minutes each so hooray for not needing a brolly and only needing plaid picnic blankets!


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